Mission and Values

Mission and Values

People know instinctively that the arts and creativity are good for them….whether that is singing in the bath, watching a movie, contemplating a painting, dancing to the radio in the kitchen or reading a book. What we aim to do is to support people in reconnecting with that instinctive knowledge and giving them the tools which which to do it.

Gavin Clayton, Executive Director

    The strength of the evidence base for arts in health generally, and arts on prescription programmes specifically, has increased somewhat in recent years. Reliable evidence was found to support the following messages about the value arts in health in general, and arts on prescription programmes in particular:

  • Arts participation is strongly associated with positive mental wellbeing.
  • The use of the arts in healthcare is associated with improvements in a wide range of outcomes, including
    mental health, and in a variety of patient populations.
  • Participating in community choral singing is associated with a range of positive health and wellbeing
    outcomes, in different patient populations.
  • The act of art production is associated with improvements in mood and increased mental resilience.
  • Participation in community-based arts programmes results in positive outcomes with regard to mental
    wellbeing, social isolation, and anxiety or depression for people with mental health problems.
  • Art participation programmes are likely to be cost-effective from a healthcare perspective, and may result in
    overall savings for the public sector compared to current standard-of-care alone.
  • The positive effect of arts-based programmes on mental health is also evident in the workplace.
  • So, with that in mind……

  • Arts and Minds aspire to a world where people have the confidence and self-esteem to lead fulfilling lives.
  • Arts and Minds believe that experiencing high quality arts provision as participant and audience can play a vital role in achieving this for individuals, health and social care professionals and communities.
  • Arts and Minds seeks to expand its capacity to deliver an experience of the creative arts and culture to as many people who experience mental ill health and their carers as possible. A working knowledge of the unmet need for this kind of arts intervention makes it a viable area of development for a third sector organisation within health and social care.
  • Plans include expanding Arts on Prescription to different age groups, across a wider geographic area and to reintroduce ward based projects.