Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission, Values

“Offering people in the community a sense of support, connection and a way to create meaning in their lives.” (Participant feedback)

Our vision is to live in a creative society where people have the confidence and self esteem to lead fulfilling lives.

Our mission is simple: to use the arts to support the positive mental health of individuals and communities.

We hold the following values:

  • Creative: that arts and creativity is interwoven in all that we do;
  • Collaborative: all our programmes and our ethos are centred around partnership working to ensure the best opportunities for beneficiaries;
  • Inclusive: that we are accessible to all, open in our sharing of knowledge and expertise;
  • Compassionate: that we care for those around us, taking the time to support those around us;
  • Respectful: recognising and treating each other equally and with respect.

“They bring people together who wouldn’t normally feel comfortable interacting with others. A safe and nurturing environment to explore art and make new friends.” (Participant feedback)

.So why do we do it?

  • The act of art production is associated with improvements in mood and increased mental resilience.
  • Art participation programmes are cost-effective from a healthcare perspective, and can result in savings for the public sector.
  • The positive effect of arts-based programmes on mental health is evident in the workplace.

Infographic from APPG Inquiry report ‘Creative Health’ 2017  infographic