Art Workshops

Arts on Prescription 

Arts for Positive Mental Health 

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About the workshops

Our arts workshops are friendly, weekly art workshops for people experiencing depression, anxiety and/or other mental health problems. Led by a professional artist and a qualified counsellor, they offer the chance to experience working with a wide range of materials and techniques, including drawing, printmaking and sculpture.

Workshops last for two hours and are open to all abilities. No experience is necessary. You will have the opportunity to work on something creative, stimulating and absorbing with the aim of helping you to feel positive. A ‘hands-on art workshop’ is a good description.

It is important to understand that the workshops we offer are not art therapy, although participants find them therapeutic. The counsellor is there in case anything comes up for you, which sometimes happens, but generally, the artist and counsellor co-facilitate the workshop by taking part in the creative activities as well.   

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A Testimony

I feel really privileged to have been able to access Arts on Prescription. It has helped me so much at the time, and since then, by giving me techniques to use, confidence, encouragement, peer support, a new coping mechanism, etc. I am so thankful to have been a participant. My husband said it is one of the best things I have ever done. I appreciate the role of medication and talking therapies, but this intervention really made an important additional difference, with a longer lasting effect. Thank you for all you do in this area, I am passionate that others can benefit in the way that I have! (Maria)