What People Say

What People Say

We thought it would be good to share some of the comments and opinions of those who know Arts and Minds or have experienced our work:

Arts on Prescription has helped me in so many ways… I honestly wouldn’t be where I am today without Arts on Prescription. I’ve made friends, none of whom I ever would have met without these sessions… Everyone there has had their own experience of mental illness, so it gives them an understanding which others do not have. I think that is why the group is so great and it is easy to feel at ease. Nobody there is going to judge you because they can empathise with what you’re going through… My confidence within the group improved and my anxiety lessened a lot… I felt happier and more comfortable being myself – that was all down to attending the sessions.”

I would recommend the sessions to anyone who suffers from depression, it was a way I could express myself and allow how I was really feeling to surface.
Keep up the good work folks you are very much needed.”

Arts and Minds : a Lifeline.
My name is Lucy and I was first diagnosed with bipolar back in 1990. It is a condition that, until about 10 years ago necessitated numerous hospital admissions for me. Since then, part of my recovery has undoubtedly been due to the part-time work I have been able to do. Also, a couple of years ago my GP kindly referred me to Arts and Minds. It is here that I have been able to pursue my love of painting as an aid to my recovery and as a significant factor in maintaining my sense of wellbeing.

I am very grateful to Gavin and Kate for so kindly allowing me to use this space on a regular basis. There are often days when I feel very low and struggle to get myself there to paint. However, I always find that I feel so much better having had the time and space to do some art. Words cannot describe what a difference it makes to my week or how grateful I am.”


Arts and Minds is an opportunity, of which there can sometimes seem shamefully few. It’s an opportunity to find yourself, know yourself and with luck maybe even begin upon that road that allows you to master yourself.”