Creative break

"To me, being creative in a group is a wonderful way of bringing out all that is positive and dissolving those negative feelings we all sometimes have – Arts and Minds has a winning formula."

Arts & Minds is the leading arts and mental health charity in Cambridgeshire, providing Arts on Prescription (a form of social prescribing).

We aspire to a world where people have the confidence and self-esteem to lead fulfilling lives.

We run a portfolio of creative activities and programmes to empower people living with mental health challenges to thrive in their communities.

New opportunities for sponsors and partners

At Arts & Minds we harness the power of the arts to support people to manage their wellbeing and maintain good mental health. Building on our well-established and successful programmes using visual artists, potters and musicians we want to expand our work and are now looking for new support and funding for our work.

Because we are naturally collaborative and innovative, we are seeking sponsors and partners who share these values – people who are curious to see how the arts can support the development of their organisations in new and interesting ways and, in doing so, will also be giving something back to their local communities.

What we offer companies

We can work with you and your people to design and deliver arts-based interventions that can contribute to improving the overall wellbeing of your staff. By releasing emotions and freeing energies, our arts-based interventions can reduce stress and anxiety.

Additionally, they can increase people’s ability to solve problems, foster better and new relationships with colleagues and customers, and increase their self-awareness and confidence to manage change.

Depending on your needs, we can also explore with you bespoke arts programmes that can also contribute to improved learning, leadership and communication as well as helping you to embed your values and improve your physical spaces.

The benefits we bring to your organisation and people

How your support can help your local community

Our current programmes include: Arts on Prescription, Michaelhouse Singers, Pottery for Younger People with Dementia and Creative Cafe.

We are looking to expand our programmes to cover more communities in Cambridgeshire, as well as diversifying our ‘art offer’ into new fields such as photography, dance and movement and storytelling and poetry.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us for more information on any of our projects.

Arts and Minds, Cambridge Junction, Clifton Way, Cambridge, CB1 7GX


telephone: 01223-403485