Arts and Minds


Participation in the not some kind of eccentric add-on – it should be part of the mainstream in both health and social care.”

Alan Johnson, Secretary of State for Health 2008

Who are we?

Arts and Minds uses the arts to support the positive mental health of individuals and communities. We aspire to a creative society where people have the confidence and self-esteem to lead fulfilling lives.

What do we do?

We run artist-led workshops across Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and beyond and contribute to the national conversation about the positive role the arts play within mental health care, producing research of national and international significance that demonstrates impact and benefit for individuals, communities and those that provide healthcare. Our work comes under the initiatives of Arts on Prescription and arts-based Social Prescribing.

“Arts & Minds does a very important job. It should only grow! (Participant)”

Why do we do it?

Participating in the arts has been proven to increase mental and physical wellbeing across all demographics. For a wealth of evidence and research regarding arts, health and wellbeing, visit the Culture, Health and Wellbeing Alliance and the March Network. 

What impact does it have?

Previous participant surveys demonstrate:
• 76 per cent reported an increase in wellbeing
• 73 per cent reported a decrease in depression
• 71 per cent reported a decrease in anxiety
• 69 per cent reported an increase in social inclusion

You can download one of our reports from the following link arts on prescription 2010_12_research report_susan potter or go to the Research and Evidence page.